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codementors is a community of passionated Software Developer. It was founded by Sascha Bleidner, Daniel Haftstein and Jens Meinecke on 16th of July in 2019.


As we all know: Naming is one of the hardest challenges in writing code. The same applies for the name of this community. We worked for hours to come up with a good name for this community.

Finally, we settled on the name codementors. Its easy to remember and includes our main goals for this community: coding and mentoring. That is what we want to do: Educating people to become better programmers and ultimately software craftspeople.


Naming convention: codementors is always written in lower case letters.


We use the slack channel codementorsde.slack.com to share information and communicate with each other. We try to preserve relevant information in this handbook to make it easier to find and reuse this information.


We irregularly meet for Meetups (mostly online) to share knowledge and to train our software craftspeople skills.

The Readers Club

We read and study books together. We meet every week for one hour on Wednesday at 20:00 CET (see: codementors calendar). If you are interested, please contact us in codementorsde.slack.com.

Current Books

Previous Books


We publish the time and location of all our events in this codementors calendar


One day we may look back and ask ourselves: How did it come to this?

16/07/2019FoundingFirst Meeting with the title: Werkstattgespräch "Dev Gilde"
13/08/2019Name is fixedWe finally agreed on a name: codementors.de was registered as a domain.
06/09/2019First merchandiseFirst codementors T-Shirts ordered
13/10/2020KotlinCodeCampFirst weekly Kotlin learning event launched
10/01/2022TheReadersClubcodementors started with the new format: TheReadersClub